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SAVE the Youth TM- Win Over Tobacco - an initiative by the renowned oncologist Dr Pawan Gupta is aimed at raising awareness and harmful effects of tobacco products among different age group across India. School and Colleges students and corporate institutions remain the prime focus of the campaign as they have always been the soft target of the tobacco firms. Win Over Tobacco SAVE the Youth Campaign seeks to reach each individual in every nook and corner of the country through its books, booklets, videos and other related resources to help them know how tobacco impact their health, finances and society. This anti-tobacco campaign, in fact, goes a step ahead and tells the tobacco users ways to quit the habit through various workshops and its extensive network of trained volunteers. It also advises relatives, friends and colleagues of tobacco users on how to help them leave their habit. The Win over Tobacco initiative is being hailed, appreciated and supported by almost all the section of the society - including Government officials, schools, colleges, corporate houses and NGOs.





Innovative Cancer Care and Rehabilitation Pvt. Ltd. (ICanCaRe) and I CAN WIN Foundation have initiated "SAVE the Youth" campaign in schools and Institutions. ICanCaRe a firm established with an aim to propagate and profligate Tobacco prevention and cancer rehabilitation. ICanCaRe deals in cancer rehab products exclusively to aid patients post-surgery and nutrition based products to delay cancer development by maintaining a healthy diet. In yet another attempt to discourage tobacco use in youth influenced by peers or an urge to dilute stress, we have associated with various renowned oncosurgeon to help us drive our goals. These professionals have been very inspirational and supporting the cause since 2006. It is our vision to have a "Smoke Free Bharat" very soon!

Creating a Clean, Green, Healthy and Lively India !!